Friday, July 9, 2010

In the joy of others, Lies our own....

The sadhus once asked Swamishri, "Which thought remains with you always?

Swamishri answered instantly, "Of God." The sadhus looked on as Swamishri added, "Shall I tell you which thought I never have? I never think of hurting anyone. I always think well of them!"

How can someone like this be called human? Many humans have thought well of others, and even put it into action. But always? In Swamishri, not just springs, but torrents of fragrant thoughts and sweet actions gush out.

The common man is just not up to such open-heartedness. He slips into dispute with even his loved ones just as easily as he slips into bed every night. This is the ignorance that Swamishri has come to dispel. He travels around the world as a lantern of love.

Sometimes one wonders though, can everyone understand such subtle ideals? But Swamishri's patience and purity penetrate all - from womb to tomb.

"Bhagawaan saunu bhalu karo, Bhagawaan bhaji leva" - Yogiji Maharaj