Saturday, July 30, 2011

A New Start!

Hello everyone!
It is a long time that I have not shared my day with the universe. So from today I am resuming my blogging activity.

It was a sunny weather today morning in Ahmedabad.
Attended the two lectures in college and while returning we were three friends, I, Trilok and his friend. In between we had a Lassi at famous Lassi parlour Chamunda near Income Tax circle by Trilok.

In the evening time I watched the latest children's movie, CHILLAR PARTY! An awesome movie, a message from this movie is that we should love all, whether a man is a poor or rich. Also animals should be treated as a family member too. I love Bhidu...

Later, in dinner we had an Idli Sambhar made by my mother. After, I leaved for the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanskardham near to my home and there we had a Gosthi (Discussion on a specific topic, Monthly). Where I gave a speech on the topic, "The Aim of Our Life" from the book, Swamini Vato. After at home I discussed the story of Chillar Party with my father and he showed his interest to watch the movie CP.

Good Night!
Kirtan Chauhan