Monday, December 6, 2010

Don't Forget.

Day was 4 December 2010, I went to Crossword after my regular college sessions for new books. I was reading there magazine 'The Sunday Indian'. After some time my Grad. college Prof. Dr. S. A. Chintaman came to my table where I was reading. I stood up and shake hand with him. "I was here to buy some books", He said. He left after a minute.

I continued my reading. Suddenly he came to my table after some time and gave me a Paid Bill and said that you withdraw this CD when you go home! He just put a bill on my table and ran away outside the store. I go through to the bill. It was a paid bill of CD of Mr. Bean!

Why Mr. Bean CD?
Yes, When I was in graduation we(friends) often shares interesting things to him. Once I had given a CD of Mr. Bean to him. After some times I reminded him two times as generally and after that I forget it, but he knows it till today. He simply gave me a new CD after a long time.

I feel bad that what is the necessary of this CD now. But he pay me back. I thanked him after I left Crossword.